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White House Pets

George Washington: Hounds, Horses and a Green Parrot.
Thomas Jefferson: Mockingbird
James Madison: Green Parrot
John Quincy Adams: Alligator and Silkworms.
Andrew Jackson: Horses and Ponies.
Martin Van Buren: Tiger cubs.
William Henry Harrison: Billy Goat and Cow.
John Tyler: Horse.
Zachary Taylor: Horse.
Abraham Lincoln: Dogs, goats, turkey, rabbits and cats.
Andrew Jackson: Pet Mice.
Ulysses S. Grant: Horses, ponies, Newfoundland and other dogs.
Rutherford B. Hayes: Jersey Cows, horses, dogs and goats.
James Garfield: Horses
Grover Cleveland: Canaries, mockingbirds, Japanese Poodle.
Benjamin Harrison: Dogs and Billy Goat.
William McKinley: Mexican double-yellow-headed parrot.
Theodore Roosevelt: Horses, ponies, terriers, retrievers, spaniels, mixed breed dogs, snake, cats, badger, guinea pigs, lion, hyena, wildcat, coyote, 5 bears, 2 parrots, zebra, barn owl, snakes, lizards, rats, roosters, raccoon.
William Taft: "Pauline Wayne" last cow at the White House.
Woodrow Wilson: "Old Ike" tobacco chewing ram, and Sheep.
Warren Harding: Airedale, bulldog and canaries.
Calvin Coolidge: Terriers, Collies, Shelties, Chows, Retrievers, canaries, thrush, goose, mockingbird, cats, raccoons, donkey, bobcat, lion cubs, wallaby, pigmy hippo, bear.
Herbert Hoover: "King Tut" a Police dog, terriers, collie, Eskimo dog, wolfhound, setters, elkhound, police dog.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: German Shepherd, Terrier, Setter, Sheepdog, Great Dane, Mastiff.
Harry S. Truman: "Feller" the unwanted dog, Irish Setter.
Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Heidi" a Weimaraner.
John F. Kennedy: "Charlie" a Welsh Terrier, canary, cat, parakeets, horses, ponies, hamsters, dogs, rabbit.
Lyndon B. Johnson: Beagles, collie, "Yuki" mixed breed found at gas station, hamsters, lovebirds.
Richard M. Nixon: "Checkers" Nixon's dog while vice president. "Vicky" the Poodle, "Pasha" a terrier, and "King Timahoe" an Irish Setter.
Gerald Ford: "Liberty" Golden Retriever who had a litter of pups at the White House. "Shan" Susan Ford's Siamese cat.
Jimmy Carter: "Grits" the dog that was given to Amy Carter by a teacher. This dog was returned to the teacher and "Misty Malarky Ying Yang" a Siamese cat that didn't get along with "Grits" and was the catalyst for the dog's return to the school teacher.
Ronald Reagan: "Lucky" Bouvier des Flandres sent to the ranch after getting too large. "Rex" King Charles Spaniel. Other dogs and horses at the ranch.
George H. Bush: "Millie" a Springer Spaniel, the only First Pet to write a book, "Ranger" one of Millie's pups.
Bill Clinton: "Buddy" a Labrador Retriever and "Socks" the cat. Socks was the first cat to live in the White House since Amy Carter's cat.
George W. Bush: "Miss Beazley" a Scottish Terrier, "Spot" a Springer Spaniel, "Barney" a Scottish Terrier,  "India" a black cat and "Ofelia" a Longhorn that lives in Texas.
Barack H. Obama: "Bo" a Portuguese Water Dog. Bo was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy.

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