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The Daniels Family

The information provided here is for the convenience of people researching these families. This is a continual work in progress and I am absolutely certain that there are errors, omissions, missing information and unanswered questions.

Should you find that the information here contradicts your research, don't be shy about contacting me about additions, corrections, tall tales or anything else that you can think of that should be included in the compilations.

Remember to verify and never assume anything when working with compiled pages and that is especially true on the Internet. Make note of any questions you have and what information needs to be verified.  Be sure to let me (or whomever you are contacting) know which family you are inquiring about - give as much information as you can and remember that sharing is caring in genealogy too.

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Go here for 70+ pages of Daniels information. 
I've included information for John Daniels and Miriam Perry and descendants without including living people -- as far as I know, let me know if someone needs to be taken off the list. The information is in PDF format and I hope you find some of it helpful. (Updated 15 Feb 2015)

In case the PDF doesn't work for you, the following tidbits should get you started.

Daniel Daniels and Sarah McFadden

Daniel Daniels was born in Pennsylvania in 1770. He is the son of John Daniels and Miriam Perry. He married Sarah McFadden, the daughter of Andrew McFadden and Mary Daniels (yes, she appears to be Daniel Daniels sister), circa 1809 in Pennsylvania, presumably Wayne County.

Daniel Daniels died 30 October 1841 Randolph, Crawford, Pennsylvania, at 71 years of age.  His body was interred After 30 October 1841 in Randolph Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Brawley Cemetery, Pennsylvania.  Sarah (McFadden) Daniels died after 1865 presumably in Illinois.

BIOGRAPHICAL TEXT: Daniel first appears on the 1800 tax roll for Mead township as a single man claiming 400 acres. By 1807, he is listed as sharing 150 acres with his brother Samuel, along with owning one horse and one cow. 1808 a powder mill is credited to his assets. By 1810 he is reported residing in Wayne Township (formed of one part of Mead Township in 1809) along with an adult female and one young male child. In 1839, he gained full title to the 75 acres on which he had been residing since the early 1800's, purchasing the land from his brother Samuel for $1.00.

Daniel Daniels served in the military 1812. Branch: Captain James McKnight's Company. Rank: Corporal. 

Daniel Lewis Daniels and Julia Ann Lantz

Daniel Lewis Daniels was born in Randolph, Crawford County, Pennsylvania 28 November 1831. He is the son of Daniels Daniels and Sarah McFadden. He married Julia Ann Lantz, the daughter of  Martin Lantz and Nancy Kuhn, on 6  September 1855 in Randolph, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Lewis Daniels died 2 October 1906 Annandale, South Side Township, Wright, Minnesota, at 74 years of age.  Julia Ann Lantz died 27 May 1920 Annandale, South Side Township, Wright, Minnesota, at 86 years of age.  Both are buried at Grace Church Cemetery, South Side Township, Wright County, Minnesota.

John Martin Daniels and Catherine Elizabeth Johnson

John Martin Daniels was born in Rushville, Woodstock Township, Schuyler County, Illinois 29 October 1856. He is the son of Daniel Lewis Daniels and Julia Ann Lantz. He married Catherine Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of William Willis and Martha (Clark) Johnson, on 24 October 1877 (Illinois Marriage Records also show 30 October 1877) in Pea Ridge Township, Brown County, Illinois. This marriage took place at the home of William Willis and Martha (Clark) Johnson.

John Martin Daniels died 9 September 1940, South Harbor Township, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. He was 83 years old. Buried at Bay View, Minnesota. Catherine Elizabeth Johnson died 25 Jan 1934, South Harbor Township, Mille Lacs, Minnesota at age 77. She is also buried at Bay View, Minnesota.

Ralph Otto Daniels and Fannie Lee Cleveland

Ralph Otto Daniels was born in Annandale, Wright County, Minnesota 26 Mar 1891. He is the son of John Martin and Catherine Elizabeth (Johnson) Daniels. Ralph married Fannie Lee Cleveland (Born 8 Dec 1884) a daughter of Isaac Frank and Mary Ann (Rudolph) Cleveland on 6 July 1911 in Wright County, Minnesota.

Ralph Otto Daniels died 25 Jul 1967 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota at 76 years of age. Fannie Lee (Cleveland) Daniels died 13 Dec 1943 at the age of 59. Both are buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota.

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