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5 Easy Steps for Raising a Puppy

1. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PUPPY UNSUPERVISED. If you can't keep your eyes on pup, or if you are leaving home put your pup in a crate or confined area where he cannot hurt himself. This will also prevent bad habits from developing.

2. UTILIZE CRITICAL STAGES. Week six to week eight of your dog's life is a time when a small amount of exposure to other dogs will have a lasting effect on how he relates to other canines throughout his life. Pup should remain with mom and litter mates during this critical developmental stage. Week eight to week ten is the critical stage for socialization to humans. Get your pup out and socialized with positive encounters with people.

3. ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS PACK LEADER. Your pup is a social pack animal. By establishing yourself as the "alpha-dog," or leader of the pack, your pup will grow up to respect you, respond to you, bond to you and want to please you. He will also become a much happier and confident dog.

4. MIX FOOD WITH WATER BEFORE SERVING. Mix your pup's dry kibble with a little water so that it looks like stew. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before feeding. Kibble can expand up to thirty percent, so let it expand in the bowl rather than in your pup's stomach, thus avoiding indigestion and possible behavior problems. Feeding a super premium food will help pup get the most out the diet.

5. TOUCH CONDITIONING. Touch all areas of your puppy's body so he will become conditioned to your touch and feel comfortable with your feel. This will help pup understand that touch is not a bad thing. Along with touch conditioning, be sure to spend some time surprising pup while he is sleeping. The instant pup wakes up, have a treat ready to pop into pup's mouth. This will teach pup to expect food anytime something surprises him and can save you or someone you know from a dog bite later on.

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