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10 Commandments

for a Well Behaved Dog

1. Thou shalt socialize your dog to everything. All types, sizes and ages of people. Dogs, sights, sounds and places.

2. Thou shalt never allow your dog on the furniture. This tells your dog that you are equals in the pack hierarchy.

3. Thou shalt never feed your dog people food or treats from the table. (Or couch, if that's where you eat.) If you follow this rule, you will never have a begging problem.

4. Thou shalt always praise your dog when he does what you want. Praise produces fabulous results -- even more than reprimanding your dog when he does something you don't want.

5. Thou shalt correct your dog only if you catch him in the act. Otherwise forget it and be prepared next time.

6. Thou shalt train your dog in basic manners and obedience. This is a MUST for a happy, well behaved companion you can trust in any situation.

7. Thou shalt remember you and every person in your house must be the pack leader. The proper pack structure is easily established if obedience training is done.

8. Thou shalt NEVER hit your dog. Hitting only makes behavioral problems worse.

9. Thou shalt remember the 4 P's of training. Patience, Practice, Praise and Proper Timing (within two seconds of behavior.)

10. Thou shalt think like a dog when you are training or teaching your dog something. Do not treat your dog like a fur person. Treat your dog with respect, and in training, always try to look at things from his perspective.


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